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Arkansas Basketball Coaches

Posted on: January 26, 2010 11:50 pm
Eddie Sutton started the tradition in a place called Barnhill and created a vision of greatness taking Arkansas to the final four with his triplets -- Moncrief, Delph and Brewer.  Nolan Richardson delivered the goods that many college coaches just dream with forty minutes of hell from Big Nasty, Scotty and Team, and did it with a come from behind win over storied program Duke.  And then, the glory years began to fade all the way into the first decade of the 2000's. 

It's a new decade.  Parity rules.  It's the age where Kentucky is 19-0 and ranked number one, only to sustain it for less than 24 hours as South Carolina knocks 'em off tonite and gets its first ever victory over a number one Team in basketball. It's an age where Arkansas Coach Pelphrey does what's right, what the school wants, and gets stuck in the middle of can he coach and bet he can't, and what a great guy and he's making a difference in kids' lives.  Funny how life isn't fair isn't it.

Long has faith that Pelphrey is the man to get the job done at Arkansas and restore the school to its former glory.  Or so the media I read claims.  Some blogs have Pelphrey already gone and Nolan's protege' Mike Andersen on his way to Hog Heaven to bring back the bacon.  What's a well informed Fan to think?

For the Razorbacks, the time to improve is now. Fan interest is at an all time low.  Doing the right thing doesn't necessarily translate to butts in seats when a losing season takes its seat at Walton Arena.  And as attendance goes so seem do coaches in the big SEC.  The coach is part of the product's packaging.  And the focus groups are speaking out, not to mention while holding their wallets close to the vest demanding wins.

Never has the University of Arkansas faced such a challenge to its core beliefs and integrity.  Is the school willing to block out the calls for a change in coaching and live up to the commitment made to Pel publicly and expressed thru official channels?

Can the school afford to give Pelphrey a couple of years?  Is it true Pelphrey has it all except credibility with young, talented players?

How big was this mess when Pelphrey got here?  Long knows the answer -- his actions at the end of this year will speak for itself.

Arkansas Basketball Coaches.  Where do we go from here?  Can Arkansas achieve the pinnacle again without Broyles at the helm?  Is Arkansas still a program that can attract the talent to return the glory years?

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